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low carb, high protein, Crispy & Crunchy healthy better for you snack.
Super tasty and crispy beef jerky chips. Perfect for all outdoor occasions!
love the light and fun texture potato chips, but they are full of empty carbohydrates. Not the best. We need a better solution for healthy low carb, high protein snacks that are good for easy, on the go snacking experience.

Love chips, but not carbs?

Try muncha

⚠️ May be addictive 😳

Our whole beef jerky chips are inspired by the texture of kettle cooked potato chips and the mouthwatering flavors of classic beef jerky recipes to bring you a fun and unique snacking experience.

No wonder the chips are so good!

  • No preservatives. Preservatives free. No nitrates. No nitrites
  • Gluten free
  • All natural ingredients used
  • made with lots of love

Our early tasters say,

These jerky chips are addictive. I need more! I’m hooked!

Paul K.

Great snack. It is savory and crunchy like regular chips but a healthier alternative. I recommend giving it a try! 

Jennifer S.

Big hit with the kids. They went through two bags! These chips are dang good!

Jack M.

It’s delicious! Love the crunch! I could eat a lot of these!

Heidi L.