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Wife and husband duo introduce the delicious all natural, low-carb, high-protein snack you've been waiting for.

Crispy beef jerky chips. Finally, a healthy snack that doesn’t feel like a healthy snack!

muncha jerky chips and sparkling water

LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2020 – muncha! successfully reaches Kickstarter funding goal within hours and sets its sights on $50,000 stretch goal.

We all want to eat healthy, but oftentimes eating healthy doesn’t taste that great. When it comes to snacking healthy, it’s even harder to find scrumptious healthy alternatives. But what if you could get an all natural, low-carb, high-protein, keto-friendly snack that tastes phenomenal AND offers a texture play?

Meet muncha! Delicious whole beef jerky chips inspired by the texture of kettle cooked potato chips and the mouthwatering flavors of classic jerky recipes that bring a fun and unique snacking experience to the protein snack category. 

Wife and Husband duo Jin Ah and Hung were inspired to create muncha! through events that trace back to the birth of their son Noah. When Jin Ah was pregnant with Noah, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Try telling an avid snacker who’s pregnant that she can’t have what she craves! When the time came to shed pregnancy weight, Hung did what any supportive husband would do, but it was excruciating and shockingly psychological. He latched onto anything with the promise of satisfying his craving for familiarity, though nothing delivered and he ended up breaking his diet.

We all want to live healthy lives. Sometimes it’s your choice, sometimes it’s not. These experiences left Jin Ah and Hung with an itch that they desperately needed to scratch, because they knew many more people were facing the same challenges.

When the couple discovered meat chips, it was a match made in heaven! Only one problem. There was such a limited offering and the available chips didn’t meet their expectations. This inspired them to make their own. Once they repeatedly and consistently heard the words “where can I buy more?” they knew it was time to take this project out of the basement, so they turned to Kickstarter.

muncha kickstarter campaign screen shot as of march 10 2020

Campaign highlights include:

  • Launched on March 1st and successfully reached funding goal within 2 hours
  • muncha! was selected as a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter within three days
  • muncha! achieved over 3X its funding goal within the first week, unlocking the first of three stretch goals

Over 300 people have sampled muncha! beef jerky chips and here’s what they’re saying:

  • Great snack. It is savory and crunchy like regular chips but a healthier alternative.
  • I’ve never had anything like that, in a good way. It’s delicious! Love the crunch!
  • OMG soooooo delicious!!!!! Can’t wait to share with my low carb friends.
  • It was nicely seasoned and not overly salty which is important to us.
  • So awesome! Now I know what you mean about the sound! They really are like chips!
  • I love the mouth feel – really good crunch. Really good flavor.
  • I really liked them! The texture was interesting (thin and crispy). Flavor was fantastic!

It’s no secret that folks are paying more attention to their health, but it’d be great if healthy alternatives didn’t feel like healthy alternatives because it’s far too easy to fall off the wagon. Life is tough enough as it is. Eating doesn’t need to be. Are you ready to muncha!?

Learn more about muncha! on Kickstarter and sign up to join the community at  Follow @munchachips on Facebook and Instagram!